It was a perfect sunny day for beach bumming but I found myself running wild like an Amazing Race contestant in the island of Corregidor. You see, Corregidor does not only offer a historical tour of the island but also a fun and exciting Adventure Challenge.

Sun Cruises, Inc. transported me to this island off the coast of Manila Bay. Excitement filled me as the Sun Cruiser II sailed away from Manila because I have never tried an adventure challenge before. Add the fact that I was with some of the nicest people in the travel blog industry.

A waiting shed joined the sun in welcoming us as we docked into ‘The Rock’. Not far is a quiet sentinel.

A tranvia led the group to the starting point of the Adventure Challenge. As we slowly drove to reach the place, a cheerful tour guide clearly refreshed us about the history of Corregidor. It was a slice of the Guided Day Tour offered by the island.

I was fascinated. He has memorized Corregidor’s history by heart, I thought. He continued to deliver information as we strolled deep into the island until we reached the Adventure Challenge’s starting point – the Battery Way. We were told that this is the last artillery to cease fire before Corregidor surrendered.

The group was divided into two teams: the Red Horse Team (Ada, CA, Lloyd, Marcos, Roman and myself) and the Orange Jumpshot Team (Ivan, Ian, Chinchan, Nicely, Mica and Aleah).

Each team member were given a bag of goodies/survival kit (flashlight, sunblock lotion, trail food, bottle of water). At the signal of the tour master, we excitedly started our Adventure Challenge. We ran, searched for clues, solved puzzles, walked through tunnels, climbed ladders, laughed a lot and took pictures.


After two hours, the Orange Jumpshot Team finished first. Cheers to everyone who organized and joined this trip! Special thanks to Mr. Ivan Henares and Mr. Bobby Aquino.

Visit Corregidor Island with your friends through Sun Cruises, Inc. Check their site for details on tour schedules.


My trip to Iloilo for the Dinagyang Festival was not my first this year. I thought it would be but who would ignore a beach weekend getaway?

Thanks to a dear friend’s invitation, I was lucky to have joined Trippers (adventure organizers) one sunny weekend last January.

I, along with thirteen people, rode a private van that took us to Palauig, Zambales in four hours. We transferred to a boat and sailed for 10 minutes to reach the starfish-filled destination – Magalawa Island.

Upon arrival, we immediately pitched our tents and changed into our swimwear. I was extra excited to dip in the cool waters of the island because I had with me my Pentax W90, that outdoor camera I bought last 2010.

With my dear friend Maila

Starfish Barkada



After lunch, it was time for the bamboo raft ride. It brought us to coral spots around the island. Cool! 😀

Five fingers

Sea fairy

After about an hour or two, we got back to the island. The night was ours.

I spent the following morning playing along the shore. Forgive me, but to have my nickname spelled by sea stars is a childhood dream.

They were just out of the water for 5 minutes (we collected them on a big plastic bag filled with water) and then thrown back to the sea.

It was so much fun I had to jump.

And jump.

And, uhm, jump.

Thank you, Trippers, Maila, and to the Magalawa caretakers.

I was friendly I said hi.

We became friends.

Brought me to places.

Zoobic Safari – June


Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia - August

Melaka, Malaysia - August

Cebu City - October

Bohol - October

Guess what?

The bug is staying.